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Leather Care

All OBX leather goods are fine high quality Italian leather.

Regular use causes discoloration and visible wear that adds character to its appearance. Keep away from pro-longed sunlight. Exposure to water, oil, makeup and dyed materials can stain leather. The recommended cleaning method is dusting with clean cloth. For spots and spill, wipe excess liquid immediately and let it dry. If necessary, use recommended leather cleaning methods. Always try the cleaning method in a hidden area first.

Natural Dye Scarves Care

1. The use of natural materials on the fabric provides great ventilation and absorption, they do not require frequent washing, simply put out to dry in an airy environment to get rid of any bacteria or smell. A quick gentle hand wash in cold or slightly warm water is sufficient, as natural dyed fabric does loose color if kept soaked in water for a long time.
2. Avoid using any acidic and alkaline on the natural dye fabric, or any harsh chemical or bleach, or laundry detergent, try to use only a very small amount of neutral detergent liquid.
3. Friction and sunlight will cause damage to natural dyeing, gentle hand wash only, then hang in a cool ventilated place to dry.
4. Natural dyed garment will naturally fade or discolor over time, just embrace and enjoy the natural change of garment.

For specific product care inquiries, please email us at care@obxlook.com



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